Advent of Code Solutions 2019

Every year I have plans to learn a new, esoteric programming language by attempting the Advent of Code challenges through it. Sadly this results in not getting very far in the challenge as free time limitations and frustration set in. My solutions in Python to this year's Advent of Code challenges.

Day One

Day one starts out pretty easy as you might expect. Here's my solution:

Day Two

Another pretty simple one here. However I needlessly made it a lot harder than it had to be as I missed the part in the problem description constraining the possible inputs to the values 0-99. This means I could have just brute-forced a solution very quickly. I did not do this, instead I reversed the process from step one and substituted in the expected value (19690720)

Day Three

Posted by matthew on 2019-12-02 21:18:46.905000